Like us, you probably spend a fair amount of time and money on your pet. They have become close family members and deserve no less. But we want you to spend more time playing with your pet instead of managing their care schedule.

Our free PetDesk app does just that. We connect with your veterinarian, groomer, and boarder so you can quickly request appointments, get reminders, and have all of your pet’s information in one easy to use pet app. Book Appointments Easily It’s never been easier to request and confirm appointments with your pet care providers.

Simply click a few buttons in the app and wait for a response. 80% of the time they won’t even have to call you back. You’ll just get a confirmation message with your appointment time right in the app. And better yet – you can request an appointment with any pet care provider in the US!

Never Miss an Appointment

You already use your phone to manage your schedule – why not do the same for your pets? You’ll get a reminder before your upcoming appointment, a reminder when you need to schedule the next one, and we even add the appointment to the calendar on your phone. You can also add medication reminders, play dates, or any other type of reminder you need.

Keep Your Pets Healthy for the Long Journey Ahead

Our pet app holds your vaccination history, appointment history, and lets you know when it’s time for that next check up or shot. More than 35% of pets aren’t kept up to date on their wellness even though it has been proven to increase their lifespan. You can even go the extra mile and log notes, photos, and save their paperwork all in the app. Let us help make the journey ahead as long as possible.

Store Everything in One Place

It’s amazing how many businesses we deal with on behalf of our pets. The veterinarian, groomer, boarder, walker, sitter, retailer, health insurance, and there’s more everyday. That’s why we aggregate them all together in one app for all your pets.

So add your vet, groomer, boarder, dogs, cats, and whatever else you have so the next time you need an appointment you only have one place to go – The PetDesk App.